ERP Security

Banner Security Agreements

The ISO works with Enterprise Systems (formerly Administrative Systems) in establishing access to the Rice University Finance, HR, and Student data systems, known as Banner. Edgar WebApps is the web application connected to Banner that allows users to view this information. When someone needs access to these systems, a Banner Security Agreement is required. The ISO staff processes and maintains these Edgar/Banner security agreements.

When a security agreement is received by the ISO staff, it is reviewed for completeness then submitted to the appropriate Data Owners for approval. Once a security agreement has been approved, the ISO staff will provision the user account with the Finance, HR, and/or Student access that was requested.

How do I request access for someone?

In order to access the security agreement, the person initiating the form must have an AdobeSign account. The form initiator must complete the form entirely including Net ID, phone number, and employee identification number (E#). Once completed, the form will be sent to the applicant (the person who needs access) to be signed, then to the department approver. The applicant and department approver do not need an AdobeSign account to sign the application. After the agreement has been signed by both the applicant and department approver, the application will automatically be sent to the OIT Security Agreement Team to be processed. Please allow several days for acquiring the necessary signatures and processing. The applicant will receive an email with instructions when the account is ready for use .
The Banner security agreement information can be found at

Imagine One

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is a process used by companies to manage and integrate the important parts of their businesses. Rice University moved their Finance and HR systems to Oracle Cloud. The project, called imagineOne, streamlined the university’s business processes by integrating human resources, financials, procurement and related reporting into one modern, cloud-based platform. The new iO system improves the end-user experience and enables continuous evolution to meet the changing needs of the Rice community.

The Information Security Office worked closely with the imagineOne project team in implementing role-based security and ensuring that security best practices were established with the new system. For more information on the imagineOne project, visit