Protecting Research


CUI is non-classified information (i.e. information the Government creates or possesses, or that an entity creates or possesses for or on behalf of the government) that requires safeguarding or dissemination controls compliant with law, regulations, and government-wide policies.

Rice has classified its information assets into risk-based categories for the purpose of determining who is allowed to access the information and what security precautions must be taken to protect it against unauthorized access.


Everyone at Rice has a responsibility for proper handling and protection of Rice confidential information and systems containing Rice data as set out in Rice Policies. These policies apply to the entire Rice community including faculty, staff, and students. This page also includes General Guidelines, our Privacy statement, and useful Procedures for OIT Staff.

Our compliance team supports the University’s continued compliance efforts by helping faculty and staff understand their obligations under applicable governmental regulations and university policies. While many of our activities are relevant to Rice’s research enterprise, our work can affect many aspects of university activities.