Encrypt My Device/Data


For computers the Information Security Office supports the use of encryption built into operating systems solutions, such as Bitlocker for Microsoft and FileVault for Apple.


Modern mobile devices provide native encryption support built in. Contact your mobile device provider for more information. If you need assistance encrypting a device, please contact the OIT Help Desk at x4357, helpdesk@rice.edu, or visit the website.


The ISO now recommends that sensitive documents be shared via Rice Box (not to be confused with Dropbox) if possible. For more information about our Rice Box guidelines, please see our KB article here: https://kb.rice.edu/internal/page.php?id=69392

However, the KB article below will help guide you on how to encrypt and password protect commonly encountered file types in Microsoft. If you are e-mailing, it is recommended to use an alternative form of communication (e.g. phone call) to share the password used to encrypt the file. For example, do not send the password in the same email as the encrypted file.