Guidelines for the ALLDEPTS Mailing List

The ALLDEPTS method of sending e-mail notification is reserved for official announcements of university activities and for conducting official business on behalf of the university. ALLDEPTS is a moderated mailing list and announcements must be of wide interest to the university community.

Messages that are permitted include:

  • Campus and community event announcements, such as addresses by public figures, conferences, receptions, town hall meetings, commencement, Rice Farmer's Market
  • Campus updates and services, such as HR benefits enrollment periods, technology updates, utility outages, field and street closures

Messages that will not be approved include those relating to:

  • Non-Rice activities or business
  • Disposing of personal property (pets, automobiles, recordings, plants, tickets, etc.)
  • Schedules or events of interest only to your department
  • Discussions or other public dialogs
  • Personal messages, including statements of personal opinion
  • Chain letters of any type

Submitting a Message

Email to submit a message to the mailing list. The ALLDEPTS list is moderated by the President's Office. (Ensure that your message is exactly how you want it to appear to ALLDEPTS readers. Moderators can't modify the messages.)


If you have questions about the appropriate use of ALLDEPTS, e-mail

Subscribing to ALLDEPTS

Many faculty and staff at Rice receive ALLDEPTS messages through their department mailing list. Anyone with a e-mail address can also subscribe individually to the announcements:

Alternative Sites for Sharing Information

If your message is not appropriate for ALLDEPTS, there are several Rice web sites are available for posting content about housing, events, or other information:


  • Temporary appointments
  • Sabbaticals
  • Leave of absence
  • For rent
  • Need to rent
  • Summer housing
  • Temporary housing
  • House sitting

Pre-Owned Rice Property:

  • Furniture
  • Electronics
  • Computers

Personal Property:

  • Lost and found
  • Personal items
  • Pets

Public or Rice Only Events:

Rice Mailing Lists:

  • You can email items to news lists.
  • The items will post to the subscribers of the list and also on the campus portal.

Rice Students Selling Stuff via Facebook: